Women Fashion Crystal Earrings

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Women Fashion Drop Earrings


 Earrings have a classical appeal in all the ages and  from the name, we can easily guess that drop earrings are earrings, which drop down from the earlobe and a dangling object hangs from the earlobe with the help of chain, hoop etc.

Earrings are one of the most traditional body-piercing jewelry. Usually earrings worn through holes pierced in two earlobes and sometimes in one earlobe. Initially, It is originated in the Middle East and Asia but now its also originated in others countries of world like Europe, Australia and United States of America. At the beginning of fashion era, the forms of earrings were as hoops and later as pendants, now its available in variety of designs.

With the changing styles, ancient earrings get a modern and stylish look. Nowadays, it is not only a tradition, an integral part of the fashion because We can’t find out a single woman whose dressing can be complete without a pair of earrings. Its give a finishing touches to one’s look and personality and they complete the fashion statement of women of all the ages among nine to ninety.

These earrings are manufactured for those people, who are fashion conscious and always looking such types of products.


  • 100% New
  • Brand. LUXURIFY
  • Premium Quality
  • Handmade
  • Elegant Flower Design
  • Drop Earrings
  • Party and Casual Wear
  • Purely art work
  • Packet includes. 1 Pair Earrings





1 review for Women Fashion Crystal Earrings

  1. Hania

    excellent design of earrings received, its same as shown

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